The day the fog set in

I WILL always remember being a quarter into the Leinster Open Sea Swimming County Wicklow 3k race, because that was the first time my goggles fogged up on me. Dive in with me here, so you can really feel the swim:

It was a classic summer’s day in Ireland: Cloudy, about to rain, a mild 14 C / 57 F sea temperature and I was standing on a stony beach waiting to start. My wave is given the GO and I start my swim. Tingly legs, brain processing cold, strokes going and realisation the water was choppy and the conditions were rougher than we expected in the Ladie’s Race.

I still wanted to push on and sight my best race, kick like hell for my hot chocolate at the finish, and celebrate with teammates, delighted with life on the other side. Unfortunately, this is not the part of my story where I tell you I rose like a phoenix from the water and swam without a bother. Instead, this is where I tell you about anti-fog spray.

For years I was a pool swimmer. My swim bag stocked with the kick board, swim fins, buoy, microfibre towel, flip flops, shower toiletries, two swimsuits, pairs of goggles, and a few cap options. That’s all I needed. Until I started sea swimming.

Sea swimming is different from lane swimming. There is condensation and blurriness in goggles that I didn’t know existed until I was bobbing around Co. Wicklow trying to enjoy the scenery and swim, when really I was staring off into the Cliffs of Somewhere and felt frustrated! Nothing like being able to see nothing in the sea!

Back on land, I shared what happened to me with the woman waiting in the que to hand in her placing card, and she told me to Google ‘goggle spray’. Whaaaaat is that? I didn’t know! How didn’t I know? We shared a laugh and I ordered some from that night. There was no going back. Now Arena goggles and anti-fog spray can always be found in my bag. And chances are if you’re ever stuck, you can find me and I’m happy to share! Swimmers don’t let other swimmers fog up!

Melanie Anderson – Water Human

Melanie Anderson, Dublin sea swimming, Water Human



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